Class Reunion participants are responsible for their own transportation to/from Gallaudet University.

Airport Airports

Dulles International Airport
Dulles International Airport

There are three airports to choose from:



AMTRAK/MARC/VRE/Metro stops at Union Station in Washington, DC.

Shuttle Bus Shuttle Bus Service from Union Station to Gallaudet University

Gallaudet University Shuttle Bus
Gallaudet University Shuttle Bus stop at Gallaudet University campus near Peikoff Alumni House

Gallaudet University Campus Map (pdf, 406Kb) shuttlebusservices.xml

Where to Board the University Shuttle from Union Station
Look for the sign that reads “PARKING GARAGE” and take the escalator up one level
Go to your right through the glass doors and you will see another escalator that will take you up another level. This will be the bus parking garage. Walk past the cashiers/ticket booth, then to your left will be the boarding/discharging area (parking space #013) for the Gallaudet University Shuttle Bus.

Where to Board the University Shuttle from Metro (NY Ave/Florida Ave/GU Station)
Boarding/Discharging area is at the corner of M Street and Delaware Avenue NE
When leaving the station via the subway, exit the M Street side
After reaching the street, take a left to the traffic light at Delaware Avenue NE

University Shuttle Stops
University Shuttle Buses will only stop at the following designated locations: MSSD Circle, KDES Circle, Benson Circle, GUKCH - Conference Center, Union Station, NY Ave/Florida Ave/GU Station. Get off at Benson Circle and walk to Jordan Student Academic Center to register at the Multipurpose Room. Gallaudet University Campus Map (pdf, 406Kb)

Wheelchair Wheelchairs Accessibility

The University operates buses which are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs must be secured by the driver.

Other transportation information

Super Shuttle

Parking Parking

Visitors to Gallaudet University must have a valid parking permit to park on campus and must abide by campus parking and traffic regulations. For more information, Center/Maps and Directions.html

Map Campus Map Center/Maps and Directions.html


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